1949          born in Frisia/Germany
1968-71     studying at teachers college and university (History of Art)
1971-76     travelling, working and studying in Australia and New Zealand;
                   - University of Darwin (Architectural Drafting)
1976-80     starting into Textile Art
                   - courses in Germany and United States;
1980-90     family-years in South America (Colombia and Venezuela)
                   - extensive works in textile arts;
                   - own studio; exhibitions in Bogota and Caracas;
1990          returning to Germany;
                   - starting seriously into Painting, various courses;

since 1997 - fulltime artist, mainly painting;
                  - member of the German National Artist Association (BBK);
                  - living and painting in various places of the world for several months each:
                    Grenada, Canary Isles, Azores, Andalusia/Spain, Mauritius;
2003-06    on the Isle of Ibiza (Mediterranean);
2007-08    in New Zealand;
2009-10    in Ecuador;
2011         starting into Digital Art ((Photo Manipulation and Digital Painting);

                 - lives today partly in Germany (near Goettingen)
                   and in other parts of the world;

Exhibitions in Germany, France, Switzerland, Netherland, Spain and New Zealand, USA;

Residencies and Grants in Germany (Denkmalschmiede Hoefgen, Grimma, 2002)
and New Zealand (New Pacific Studio, Masterton, 2008);

Prices and Awards:
Fahnenmeer Wilhelmshaven, Germany (Museum of Modern Art), 2003;
Stellar Art Award, Digital Arts California, 2012;

For more decorative artworks please check the following website: